Large Van Builder

All figures are based on the following average median size of a LARGE van. This includes vehicles such as a Ford Transit (L3 & L4), Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (L3 & L4)V.W. Crafter (L3 & L4), Iveco Daily (3300 & 3950) & MAN TGE (L3 & L4).

Average Dimensions

  • Internal Length: 4.05 Meters Long
  • Internal Width: 1.95 Meters Wide
  • Internal Height: 2.05 Meters High
  • Vehicle Load Volume: 16.2 m3
  • Walls: 16.6m2
  • Bulkhead: 4.0 m2
  • Rear Door: 4.0 m2
  • Ceiling: 7.9m2
  • Floor: 7.9m2

Build Your Dream

Below, you will find my super simple Large Van Building Form. Please be aware that all prices listed are based on approximations. Also, once you have completed the form, please note that the final price does not include labour costs.

Once you have completed the form, you have the option to submit. By doing so, I will happily contact you to discuss your idea and I will then be able to give you a more accurate price.